Millennial Doomsday Review is what happens when you give a brain in a jar steeped in a news slurry a microphone, which is exactly what Highwayman Entertainment did. Click here to listen now!

Highwayman Entertainment is a multimedia entertainment company that produces content made by creators who may not otherwise get the recognition they deserve.

Starting in the July of 2018, Highwayman Entertainment is a company with the goal of helping creators who don't have a platform and get their stories the time and attention they deserve.

Highwayman Entertainment is run by Shane Matheson and Tytiana Browne. Being creators themselves, they understand that the connection a creator has with their creations is extremely deep and meaningful. They wanted to create a platform that would specifically work to balance preserving the original creation while producing the final product in a way that does both it and it's creator justice. To this end, they created Highwayman Entertainment to do just that, with the Millennial Doomsday Review as our flagship project.

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